The Renfrewshire Golf Union Executive is committed to serve the players and clubs across the Renfrewshire area. This Charter commits to the behaviour of the members of the Executive in the execution of their role on behalf of all of our member clubs and players.


  1. Committed to the promotion and development of golf to all irrespective of age or level of skill.
  2. Act professionally and responsibly when representing the union.
  3. Ensure compliance in all regulations relating to Junior Golf.
  4. Act on behalf of the union (or delegated club) and not for any personal gain.
  5. Fully accountable for any expense incurred whilst on official union business and provision justification when required.
  6. Provide contributions and engagement at all meetings.
  7. Encourage club involvement and promote union events at all levels.
  8. Promote services provided by the Union and associated partners.
  9. Ensure engagement in Social Media is not detrimental to the policy and procedures and reputation of the Union.


The current RGU per capita fee is set at £2.50. This is payable by all affiliated clubs in the county for each member.

Our Partners